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Quality and Test Laboratory

In our commitment to the highest Quality Standards, the cables manufactured by CONTECSA are tested at all manufacturing stages; which contribute to ensure a better product control at productive phase. Out of its 15.000 m2 facilities, CONTECSA has around 600 m2 dedicated to test processes; electrical and mechanical according to applicable standard. Among the most significant tests, there are:


Specification Measurements (conductor/core resistance, capacitance, inductance, continuity, impedance, high voltage test, insulation resistance, attenuation, crosstalk and near end crosstalk)

Flaws Detection (test voltage up to 20 KV)

Dimensional control (diameter check, thickness (insulation and sheath) and concentricity)


Material Tensile Test (tensile modulus, tensile strength, breaking strength and elongation break)

Material Density

Mechanical (Minimum bend radius.)

Mechanical properties after ageing in air oven, hot set test (tensile test, pressure, thermal shock.)